We offer many exciting opportunities for franchisees outside of North America. With more than 1100 gyms open in 30 countries, Anytime Fitness is established as a proven concept that works in a variety of cultures. Every franchisee has access to our customized training, security and technology platforms, and world-class support systems.

Two Paths to Ownership:

Individual Franchisee

Individual franchisees own one or more gyms and operate them directly. These franchisees purchase rights from the Master Franchisee in their region to operate Anytime Fitness gyms and pay royalties to the Master Franchisee. Countries marked with Blue are seeking individual franchisees. Requirements vary by region. For more information, click your desired country below.


Area Developer

Area Developers purchase rights from Anytime Fitness HQ to operate as the sole franchisee in an international region. These Developers may choose to operate some or all of the gyms in their region, or sell territories to individual franchisees and perform support and administrative functions for those franchisees. Due to the increased business acumen and capital requirements associated with these agreements, we are accepting applicants for a select number of strategic regions. Countries marked with Orange are accepting applications for Area Developers. For more information, click your desired country below

Claim Your Territory

The map below shows our International Opportunities. Click a pin for more information.


This website and the franchise sales information on this site do not constitute an offer to sell a franchise.  Anytime Fitness, LLC makes no guarantee as to the availability of any territory depicted on the map above.